• The Awareness Through Movement® classes are designed so that you can start any time
    without prior Feldenkrais® experience.
  • Please wear warm comfortable clothes and
    bring a warm blanket or mat to lie on.
  • Your first Awareness through Movement® class on Tuedsday & Wednesday morning  is free! 
    This offer is for people who've never taken a class or workshop with Uwe. 
  • Registration: Please register with Uwe (email or phone)
  • Costs:Single class $15, 5 class card $70, 10 class card $130


 Tuesday @ 9:30am (classes will resume September 5, 2017)

Sacred Mountain Studio, 215 College Street , Burlington

Wednesdays @ 10:00am  (classes will resume August 23, 2017)

 Location: Common House, 100 Ten Stones Circle, Charlotte (Directions)


"Using spiral movements to improve function - 6 week series" - is starting by September 2017 .  Joining the series: Please email me to secure a spot in these popular classes !

You can join for a single lessons in this series in  two different locations/times - for details please visit http://www.vermontfeldenkrais.com/index.php/series

Sundays @ 5pm Otter Creek Yoga, Middlebury
Wednesdays @ 7:00pm Schoolhouse Yoga , Richmond