• The Awareness Through Movement® classes are designed so that you can start any time
    without prior Feldenkrais® experience.
  • Please wear warm comfortable clothes and
    bring a warm blanket or mat to lie on.
  • Your first Awareness through Movement® class on Wednesday morning  is free! 
    This offer is for people who've never taken a class or workshop with Uwe. 
  • Registration: Please register with Uwe (email or phone)
  • Costs:Single class $15, 5 class card $70, 10 class card $130


 Wednesdays @ 10:00am    BASIC Awareness through Movement® class -  starting again on July 25th

Location : Common House, 100 Ten Stones Circle, Charlotte  (Directions)

Wednesdays @ 11:15am   ADVANCED Awareness through Movement® class -  July 25th - August 29th

Location: Common House, 100 Ten Stones Circle, Charlotte




What are the major differences between a BASIC and an ADVANCED lesson?
BASIC: These lessons are great if you are new to the Feldenkrais Method or you want to review some of the great classic lessons. They are the basis for more advanced lesssons.
ADVANCED: Previous private or group Feldenkrais experience is a prerequsite for attending the advanced classes. Advanced lessons will build upon topics or themes that are introduced in the basic lessons.

Do I have to be very flexible or pain free to attend ADVANCED lessons?

No, you do not have to be very flexible or pain free. However you should be able to “listen” to your own range of comfort.  You should know when to take an extra rest or do the movements only in your imagination.

Can you give some examples of what positions are required in advanced lessons?

Some lessons will require being able to stand on the hands and knees, laying on the belly for longer periods, or being in a standing position. If you are not sure, you can always email me the day before the lesson and ask me about the positions.

Can I attend these advanced lessons on a drop-in basis?

Yes, participation in advanced lessons is available on a drop-in basis.

Can I attend both basic and advanced lessons?

Yes, you can attend either the basic, advanced, or both lessons. The advanced lesson will often expand on a topic or theme that was introduced in the basic lesson.

Can I do only the advanced lesson?

Yes, that is possible with previous private or group Feldenkrais experience.

How do I pay for advanced lessons?

The price structure for the basic and advanced group lessons will be the same. You can either pay $15 per lesson or have the classes taken off a class card that you have purchased. Please remember that I can only accept check or cash (no credit card).

I cannot afford these lessons. Can I get a reduced rate?

Yes, please contact Uwe directly to work out a reduced rate. Nobody will be sent away because of not being able to pay for a lesson.



"Improve your Walking" - is starting in May, 2018

You can join for a single lessons in this series in  three different locations/times - for details please visit http://www.vermontfeldenkrais.com/index.php/series

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm Common House at Ten Stones,  Charlotte -  starts May 15
Wednesdays @ 7:00pm Schoolhouse Yoga , Richmond - starts May 16
Sundays @ 5pm Otter Creek Yoga, Middlebury -  starts May 20