Socks, sweaters, books , ....

Why not give your loved one, friend or work colleague an experience of learning to move and feel better ?

If you'd really like to surprise someone, give them the experience of a Feldenkrais® Lesson !

My gift certificates are good for:

  • 1 private hands-on Functional Integration® lesson, 1 hour, $75
  • 1 weekend workshop with Awareness through Movement® classes, $ varies
  • 1 single Awareness through Movement class , $ varies- depending on location
  • 1 6 week series Awareness through Movement, topics and $varies
  • 5 or 10  weekly Awareness through Movement® classes at the Common House at Ten Stones, Charlott, $65 or $120

Please choose from the above Feldenkrais® gift certification options and send a check with the name and address of the gift recipient to Uwe Mester, 1277A Thompson's Point Rd, Charlotte, VT 05445. Uwe will send the Gift Certificate with a Feldenkrais information Flyer promptly.

Click here to download a Gift Certificate sample.