About Uwe Mester

"I am so thrilled to be working with Uwe Mester. I injured myself and did PT religiously for a year but still felt discomfort or pain almost daily. I thought I would try something else, so I attended one of Uwe’s group classes a few months ago and have had a few private sessions since that time. Uwe transmits the physics and magic of the Feldenkrais process with knowledge, insight and mastery.

When I came home from my first session, I sat outside in the almost summer night with a candle and let it all sink in. Wow! I experienced the restoration of an ecstatic freedom in my body and mind: a loose joy. In childhood and adulthood, I have been fortunate to know flight and freedom as an athlete, yet some of that shine has inevitably tarnished with age and, more recently, injury.

I had been suffering a hip/back injury for well over a year when I found Uwe; I feared that I was destined to live in the confinement of my injury. Not so! After working with Uwe just a few times, a remembrance of that freedom came back like an echo and, with it, a profound happiness. The combination of lightness and groundedness that he catalyzed in me goes beyond the physical; it has helped me soften my stance in the world, which is in full alignment with the vision of growth I hold for myself.

In yoga I enjoy the experience of spiraling motion and energetic shifts, but there is something entirely “other” that happens when I am being moved rather than moving myself. Uwe, with his expertise as a Feldenkrais practitioner, helps interrupt habitual movement patterns and offers a more playful and structurally sound option. A private session includes hands-on work, which means Uwe observes your movement and intuits what is needed on an individual basis. He guides the body into new movement patterns thereby introducing to the body and the nervous system an alternative integration and efficiency of movement.

Feldenkrais work feels like an opening into health and freedom unlike the physical therapy model, which focuses on what is wrong/malfunctioning. I am benefiting immeasurably from an element of playful, exploration in my movement and my nervous system is saying “yes.” I highly recommend Uwe to anyone who wants to break into new realms of freedom in the body and the mind.”

JoAnna Blaine Easton, Director of LittleWing Learning Center, Charlotte

"I have been quite impressed with how this very straightforward therapeutic biomechanical approach to physical movement provides substantial reductions in muscular tension and associated increases in mobility."
Ira Bernstein, M.D., Senior Associate Dean for Research & Professor at UVM,  Burlington

"I am currently in recovery from a stroke I suffered six years ago, which left me with very little control over my right side and leg. Through the Feldenkrais Method I am now able to feel and control my right leg and foot. In just 5 sessions working with Uwe my walking and my overall movements have dramatically improved. Feldenkrais is a wonderful way to influence the body and the mind at the same time.All of this has been accomplished in a very pleasurable way without any pain or discomfort. I highly recommend Uwe and the Feldenkrais-Method to anybody."

 Gerard Rubaud, French Baker, Westford

See an article from Seven Days regarding Gerard Rubaud and the Feldenkrais Method.

"Our bodies are the most basic tool we possess.  As children we learn through play to use our bodies, but unfortunately, as we age and abandon play we may forget these early lessons.  Over time we may adopt ways of using our bodies that are not optimal, and indeed may cause pain and even disability.   It is at this stage that patients often seek help from the medical community, but, because the medical model begins with the assumption of a structural abnormality, the interaction may be frustrating for patient and doctor alike.

The Feldenkrais method seeks to gently reeducate those who have may have forgotten how to move comfortably by subtly retraining the nervous system.  This approach is fundamentally different from medical care: In the Feldenkrais method the student collaborates with his teacher to relearn comfortable ways of moving, whereas in the medical approach the emphasis is on repairing a structural defect.  Additionally, patients initially drawn to the Feldenkrais method for relief of symptoms may find that improvement in the efficiency and comfort of their movements are worth pursuing for their own sake.

Not every complaint is amenable to the Feldenkrais method, of course, but because the method is inexpensive (it can be provided as group lessons) and very unlikely to cause complications the Feldenkrais method is a very attractive initial approach to functional disorders.  As a surgeon, I’ve come to understand that not every physical complaint has a surgical solution.  Further, the least invasive approach to a problem is almost always the best place to start looking for a cure, and on this count the Feldenkrais method is an excellent choice.

Uwe Mester is one of a few Feldenkrais practitioners in Vermont.  The playful attitude of exploration and discovery that Uwe brings to his practice belies his decade of work in Feldenkrais.  He’s been an invaluable guide to many wishing to move more comfortably and more efficiently in their daily lives and athletic pursuits. "

Turner Osler, MD, FACS, MSc, Research Professor, Department of Surgery, UVM

A friend had referred Uwe to me after I commented how well he looked and moved after his stroke. I asked him what his secret was and he handed me Uwe’s business card. Needless to say I called that same day and made an appointment.

As a former US Ski Team Member and an Olympian my body has sustained several injuries, surgeries and trauma over the years of competition. For the past 20 years I have tried various modalities to help release cellular trauma and to regain better posture, movement and spinal alignment. After my first session with Uwe I could not believe the instant relief I had. My body and mind felt totally relaxed. Posture and movement felt solid yet effortless. The one thing that continues to amaze me is how these slow and effortless movements can have such a powerful impact on your whole being. I have worked with Uwe for two years now and still continue to be amazed by the improvement I feel and the enjoyment of the numerous movements of this unique modality.The Feldenkrais Method is difficult to define. You have to experience it in order to truly understand it and once you do it may just change your life.

Rosie Fortna, former US-Olympian Ski Racer, Stowe

"I continue to be impressed and amazed with Uwe and the Feldenkrais Method. Every session is an experience in and of itself. I think that everyone would benefit immensely from working with Uwe. He really is a master of his craft. I wish that my family members had access to a Feldenkrais practitioner."

Brady Holt, Director of Athletic Performance at UVM, Burlington

Every Feldenkrais workshop and private session with Uwe Mester has been transformative. Each exposure has illuminated unproductive movement patterns, introduced untapped options for reflection and affirmed the pivotal role of self-awareness in giving the body permission to change organically.

Long fascinated with the power of the human body to heal itself has led me to continually seek out a wide spectrum of talented practitioners.   Uwe is brilliant at seeing what’s needed. He humbly employs his vast knowledge, experience and creativity to guide each person along the appropriate path of self-discovery through mindful action. His approach is gentle, playful and non-judgmental.

Re-envisioning the change process in this way has uncovered new options to explore and address a perpetual knee injury. It has grown to be a key tool in my arsenal for generating noticeable improvement in how I approach daily activities as well as my yoga practice, gym workouts and cross country skiing. My soon to be 94-year old mother is also a Feldenkrais advocate. She attributes her improved balance, ability to stand straighter and lessen the impact of nerve pain to her work with Uwe. It’s a joy to see her glowing face after each session.

Lynn Gitlitz, New York City and Saranac Lake, NY

"While Uwe and the subtle and highly developed discipline he employs so beautifully may relieve aching backs, legs, heads, feet and everything in between (and they surely do!) it's important to say that this is not a "fix": it is a highly sophisticated and most brilliant way (if one sticks with it - for nothing profound moves fast!) of delicately and utterly re-training (or rather inviting) the human body to function and move in the vital, natural, fluid and happy way it was born to. And Uwe is an excellently trained and experienced, deeply thoughtful and highly intuitive practitioner of this healing art."
Marianne Lust, Lincoln VT

"Working with Uwe in an individual session was deeply transformational for me. I felt a major shift and release of a longterm shoulder pain pattern. The work helped me gain so much awareness of my body-both where I have ease and where I hold tension. Becoming more consciously aware of my body has helped me make positive changes."

Courtney Edelson, Massage Therapist, North Ferrisburg

"My Yoga, overall balance and body awareness have improved dramatically since I've started attending Uwe's group sessions! I've made great improvement in my horsebackriding as well, which is very dependent on the ability to relax muscles and move only the body parts you choose to move. Thank you, Uwe !"

Jill Lyons, Occupational Therapist, Charlotte

"I do not fully know how letting someone else move my body in small gentle ways is self- empowering; I just know that it is."

Gillian Franks, Business Counselor, Essex, VT

"I have been taking Feldenkrais classes from Uwe for over one and a half years now and can honestly say it has been the most enjoyable body movement class I have ever experienced. I am still surprised when the gentle, thoughtful movements over an hour result in a noticeably straighter spine, removal of a kink in my neck, or an ability to twist around and see behind myself with much more ease. I had a massage from a therapist that I hadn’t seen for over a year, and she said that I looked taller. I knew that that was the cumulative effect of the class, even though I only go for 1 hour a week. Not only is the method intelligent and effective, Uwe is a patient and thoughtful instructor. He has a calming voice which I hear at other times in my daily life, reminding me to think about “what would make this movement easier?” In a world often convinced that we need to override our instincts for slow, gentle, and thoughtful movements, Feldenkrais reminds me that my instincts are good, and peace is my true, natural state."

Sue Mahany, Thai Massage Therapist, Burlington

"Uwe is an extremely knowledgeable and gifted teacher. Both my husband (a pianist) and myself (a massage therapist) have gained more freedom and comfort of movement through his lessons. He assists you with increased body awareness and makes it fun!"

Kirsten DeLuca, Massage Therapist, Burlington

“A great way to connect body and mind. I really recommend Uwe Mester for anyone who's got problems with backs, knees, jaws etc..”

John Cohn, Chief Scientist for Design Automation (IBM), Richmond

"I have been a carpenter for 20 years and have had back pain for about 4 of those years. I began working with Uwe to find ways of discovering where and why my pain comes from. I've been able to take the lessons into the world and job with me to help me move better and without the associated pain. I have really benefited from his teaching of the Feldenkrais method."

Morgan Rÿser, Carpenter and Massage Therapist, Hinesburg

"I find Feldenkrais private sessions release stress in my shoulders and hips and leave me moving easier. And the work makes me aware of how I move in my body so I can continue to work on changing patterns that cause the stress in between sessions. I LOVE how I feel after a session. For me, it is far more effective than massage or even a chiropractic adjustment."

Andrea O`Connor, GYROTONIC® and Yoga Teacher, Burlington

Washington Post article from Journalist Lisa Rein, "Taking it slow for back pain? I gave it a try." Published 10/2/18.

The New York Times journalist Jane E. Brody reported on 10/30/17 about her experience with Feldenkrais in the article: "Trying the Feldenkrais Method for chronic pain". You can find the article here: NYT & FELDENKRAIS

About the Feldenkrais-Method in general

"Feldenkrais was a remarkable man and a genius.” (Dr. Norman Doidge, best-selling author  "The Brain's Way of Healing" & "The brain that changes itself" - Listen to an interview with Norman Doidge on Brain Plasticity)

"One of the lessons of this research is that stereotypy is the enemy. And that you really want to exercise the brain with a variety of movements, a variety of actions. A variety of challenges." (Dr. Michael Merzenich, world-renowned neuroscientist, pioneer in brain plasticity research) Watch an interview with him about Neuroscience,Learning & the Feldenkrais Method)

"Feldenkrais represents a revolution in human health. Through this method we can learn to improve…not only physically but also emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually."

Smithsonian Magazine

"Feldenkrais is not just pushing muscles around, but changing things in the brain itself."

Karl Pribram, M.D., Neuroscientist, Stanford Univ, Winner of the Havel Prize in Neuroscience

"I have long been intrigued by this subtle form of retraining the nervous system, which I currently recommend to patients whose movement has been restricted by injury, cerebral palsy, stroke, fibromyalgia, or chronic pain. I find it to be much more useful than standard physical therapy. I also believe that the Feldenkrais Method can help older people achieve greater range of motion, flexibility, and help us all feel more comfortable in our bodies."

Andrew Weil, MD